Sigma Reporting: Utilize the Reports section and the Logs section of the navigation pane to get the best results depending on the type of information you are looking for

Reports:                                                       Logs:

Administration: Reports

  1. Documentation History Detail or Documentation History Detail (CSV)
    • Provides a summary of all documentation r/t to administration record in pdf or spreadsheet format
  2. Audit Detail or Audit Detail (CSV)
    • Provides a detailed listing of all not documented administrations in pdf or spreadsheet format

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Activity:  Reports

  1. Detail
    •  Reports admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) activity for a given time period in detail format (resident information for each ADT event)
  2. Summary
    • Reports admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) activity for a given time period in summary format (ADT event totals by ADT type)

Care Plans: Reports

  1. Current Care Plans
    1. Reports care plans for specific residents or you can run specific focuses to determine all residents that may have a specific focus assigned as part of their plan of care. 

Census: Reports

  1. Census Detail
    • Reports current census information for the facility in detail format (residents assigned to each bed)

Clinical Assessments: Log 

  • o   Assessments
    • Utilize the phase of *Due when searching for which assessments are due/overdue 
      • Can filter by specific Unit, Resident, or Assessment Name

Clinical Monitoring: Reports

  1. Clinical Monitoring Detail
    • Reports clinical monitoring information for facility all residents, specific residents or units and all clinical monitoring items or you can choose specific items.

CNA Assignments: Reports/Logs

  1. Documentation History Detail: Reports
    • Provides detailed record of CNA documentation by Unit. Can be utilized to run not documented for a specified time frame. This is the report that will show accurate information for current status of facility unlike dashboard that shows all records not documented for all of the history of the facility. 
  2. Nurse Instructions: Reports/Logs
    • Reports: Utilize to get current nurse instruction information on residents which is the care the CNA’s provide.
    • Logs: Utilize to find incomplete and instructions that require review. Also, can quickly find when the instructions were last reviewed. 
  3. Nurse Instructions/CNA Documentation Discrepancies: Reports
    • Utilize this report to determine discrepancies between nurse instructions and the CNA documentation. This can indicate that instructions need review to be updated according to current resident status, resident may have had a change in condition, or the CNA may need documentation education/training for illogical charting. 


Diagnosis: Reports

  1. ICD-10 Diagnoses Report
    • Reports Residents' ICD-10 Diagnosis Information: all or by specific codes or categories.

Medication Refill Activity: Reports

  1. Medication Refill Activity
    • Report will show if refill requests were successfully received by pharmacy

Physician’s Orders: Reports

  1. Physician's Orders – Detail
    • Use this report to view a list of current active orders or orders entered within a date range. This list will show one row for each order. You can also utilize to look for specific types of orders or with keywords. 

Quality Indicators: Reports

  1. Summary
    • Summary of Quality indicators during specified time periods.

Resident Demographics: Reports

  1. Resident Demographics: 
    • Reports resident demographic information and also includes the following clinical information, medical alerts, and advanced directives. 

24 hour report

  1. 24 Hour Report
    • Prints designated resident events on the 24 Hour Report